Poet of the Week- Abby Theberge

This week’s featured poet is Abby Theberge. Abby is a junior at Conval and has been a part of the writing club for three years. A fun fact about abby is that her dream job is performing on broadway and going into entertainment at walt disney world! Here is a poem by abby called Upon Further Reflection

Upon Further Reflection

I kneel down by the edge of the water,
my reflection staring back at me. 
This image of me is distorted,
stretching my freckled face in a
multitude of directions. Long, skinny,
fat, wide - the rippling water makes me forget
what I truly look like. 
Maybe that's a good thing. 
Here, I have nothing to compare myself with
besides Mother Nature, and we're both
pretty damn beautiful.

Come back every day this week to hear more from abby!

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