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A poem to start your week!

the waves crash on the rocky shore, imitating a rolling drumbeat.
the seagulls above call to their flock, their glottal sounds like tuning instruments.
eyes closed, ears open.

a conch shell held to one’s ear presents a voice clear and warm,
an opera singer held captive by the earth.

the sand between my toes fills me with disgust –
hatred not for the beach but for the anxiety it gives me.

a deep breath in… and out.
the beach has disappeared, and I’m left with an orchestra –
an orchestra playing the earth’s infinite symphony.

~ Abby Theberge
Avenue A High School Writing Club Member

Poems of the Week!

Fresh from our high school writing club…

Inspired by the song “I Don’t Know You” by The Marías

There’s a weight in my bed
where your ghost lies.
They keep me cold
on winter nights.

They keep me wondering
who’s bed you’re in.
They keep me hoping.

There’s a book on my shelf
full of untold truths.
Too honest to say,
you love in clues.

It keeps me thinking,
retracing your words.
It keeps me reading.

All Puns Intended

I walked into a furniture store, and I saw my friend Mike getting arrested.
He said he lost a bedt to his friends. They told him to couch around the store.
The police said he was charged with public misconduct. Sofa he’s being detained.
But I couldn’t nightstand what I was seeing.
We had been long time friends, so I really chaired about him.
A few days later he was on the news; he had a whole cabinet of lawyers, but the judicial shelf wasn’t believing him.
I window how he’s feeling. I feel like he drawer a short straw, because he ended up with five years in prison!
I saw a picture of him a few years later. It looked like he’d futon some weight.
Once he got out, he said he was desk-erate for some real food. The closet restaurant was 20 miles away.
When Mike got home he said he was glad to have some living room.
He spent a short while readjusting to society. Soon he got a job as an interior designer.
He was always under a lot of dresser, so he went to work at a tiling company instead.
But it came with a hutch–a strict mattress code. A striped blue shirt, a white bow tie, and brown corduroy pants.
He worked there for quite a while, but it started causing a lot of armoire.
He decided to quit and work for a company that makes decks for peoples houses.
He has a ‘ottomen working for him now. I think he deserves a patio on the back.