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Rhubarb Inspired!

We loved handing out free poems at the Bennington Rhubarb Festival this weekend! Enjoy this rhubarb-inspired poem by Wren!

A beginner farmer woke up on a cool spring morning and walked outside to water his rhubarb. To his horror they had grown legs and were walking around. They took a few seconds to look at him and decided to attack. He tried to run, but they jumped on his back and took him down to the ground. It was rhubarbaric. – Wren

Poet of the Week- Abby Theberge

This week’s featured poet is Abby Theberge. Abby is a junior at Conval and has been a part of the writing club for three years. A fun fact about abby is that her dream job is performing on broadway and going into entertainment at walt disney world! Here is a poem by abby called Upon Further Reflection

Upon Further Reflection

I kneel down by the edge of the water,
my reflection staring back at me. 
This image of me is distorted,
stretching my freckled face in a
multitude of directions. Long, skinny,
fat, wide - the rippling water makes me forget
what I truly look like. 
Maybe that's a good thing. 
Here, I have nothing to compare myself with
besides Mother Nature, and we're both
pretty damn beautiful.

Come back every day this week to hear more from abby!

Upperclassmen writing club (May, 26)

Tonight we were joined by the lovely Cynthia once again, and our meeting had a nostalgic feel to it. We started as always with new work, hearing from many of our talented writers. The nostalgia for tonight’s meeting started with our resident screenwriter, Theo, and his new installment of “The Call of the Void” a screenplay that he has been working on for a very long time.

After new work we moved swiftly into our prompt of the night. Today’s prompt was provided by cynthia and was “Write about a food you that you remember from your childhood” This prompt was a fun one to say the least and gave our writers a chance to search through their memories. We ended the night with readings and some fun conversations.

Poet of the Week! (May 25, 2020)

This weeks poet is Abby Theberge! Abby is 17 and a Junior at Conval. She has been a part of Writing Club for three years. Abby is an active member of our community and participates in many activities at school. Not only is she an amazing writer, she is also a talented musician, singer, and performer! Today’s poem by Abby is a more recent work. She wrote this two weeks ago and it is one of my personal favorites of hers. It is entitled “Sort Yourself Out First” .

Sort Yourself Out First

I know the world is a scary place.
I know that your bedroom is covered in clothes and half-filled notebooks,
piled up to your knees.
I know that life feels like a map full of dead ends and paper towns.

I know that you feel like there's evil in the world,
climbing up from the deepest depths
of dreamers just like you, but Girl,

You can't conquer the world and its many wrongdoings.
You can't be like Atlas, holding the weight of the world
on your shoulders.

Step back.
Let others do some of the heavy lifting.

Sort yourself out first.

Then place your crown back on top of your head,
lace up your boots, and
show the world what you are made of.

Thank you Abby for being this weeks featured poet! Come back this week to hear more from this amazingly talented writer! And come back tomorrow to hear about our weekly Writing Club meeting!

Poet of the Week- Corrine Dragon

This weeks poet of the week is Corrine Dragon! Corrine has been a part of the Writing Club at Avenue A for three years. A fun fact about Corrine is that not only is she a great writer and an amazing musician—she is also a talented artist! Corrine’s specialty is ceramics, and she wants to pursue a career in teaching art! Today’s poem by Corrine is featured in our new anthology “What I Meant to Say” and has been read at many public meetings including a celebration in honor of Martin Luther King jr. The piece is called “Untitled Movement One” .

Untitled: Movement One
By Corrine Dragon

They were coming from the lands of no father
Back of the yard
              where the weeds almost paint the sky
Stereotypical hoodlums
              always-fits-the-description teenagers
With round faces and hope clutched in their fists
              as they walked down the street
Hoping that the cuts on their knuckles had time to heal
              before their rights are dripping out of their bodies once again
Instead of learning how to read and write
              they're taught to recite the Miranda rights and never look suspicious
Always travel in two or more
              and never go out at night
Their dreams, sweat tossed with screams
             are filled with the Pleadings of tomorrow

Please come back every day this week to hear more from Corrine Dragon, and come back next week to hear from another talented young writer!

Poet of the Week- Corrine Dragon

This week’s featured poet is Corrine Dragon! Corrine is 19 years old and a ConVal alumni. An interesting fact about Corrine is that not only is she an amazing writer, but she’s also a talented musician! She was in Band at ConVal for all four years and was a part of the Percussion, Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute, Trombone, and French Horn sections!

Today’s poem by Corrine is titled “Definition of Happiness”.

Definition of Happiness
By Corrine Dragon

Moonbeams branded our skin with light as we tiptoed beneath the stars
I was afraid to wake the sun 
Unwanted eyes burning holes into something so delicate
But you wanted her to wake
You wanted to show her all the brilliant things that happened while she was away
To share what made you happy 
You dragged me through the tall grass 
Shouting beautiful nonsense to the audience above us 
And as I watched you parade around I found myself smiling 
Smiling because you lived so freely 
Smiling because you didn't care who knew our secret 
You wanted the world to know you were happy 
And I found myself wanting that too 

Please come back everyday this week to hear more poems from Corrine! And come back next week to meet another talented Avenue A Writer!

Poet of the Week

This week’s Featured Poet is Corrine Dragon! Corrine graduated from ConVal last year and has been a member of Writing Club for a long time! Today’s poem by Corinne was inspired by a prompt from tonight’s writing club meeting– “Write about something you know or something you don’t.”

By Corrine Dragon

I don't know what I'm doing
I was trained for so many years to plan for the future
that the present no longer existed
It was always me and the unknown
I used to hate the unknown
But now I wear it as a shield
to protect the child born on the frontlines. 

Please come back every day this week to read more of Corrine’s poetry!

Upperclassmen Virtual Writing Club (May 19, 2020)

Tonight’s Writing club had a theme of The Great Outdoors as we were joined by Author and Naturalist Susie Spikol! Susie is the Community Programs Director and Naturalist at the Harris Center for Conservation Education in Hancock, NH. Susie helped run the first half of tonight’s meeting. She talked to us about her experiences as a writer, and gave us an insight to the world of a Naturalist. She also told us about some of her upcoming works! She provided us with our first prompt of the night as well, and read to us from some of the books and authors that have inspired her, such as Annie Dillard and Sy Montgomery.

For our first prompt we had a choice between “What animal essence is in you?”, “Imagine a conversation with an animal”, or “I dreamed I was an animal.” These prompts got our writers to look into their wild side, and bring out their inner animal. Tonight’s featured poem, titled “Scarabs”, followed the “What animal essence is in you? ” prompt and was written by Senior Theo Cross:

By Theo Cross

I take refuge in the ash, sand, and dust. 
The dark tombs in the desert, 
long forgotten by man.
I linger in utter black
with others like me
until we are disturbed
by a fire in the distance.
We scatter,
congregate another day
wait for when the man kneels,
then he shall pay.
At the hands of we the many,
who feed from dying light.
Brothers and sisters
Let us feast tonight!                                                                                                 

We then took a turn away from animals for our final prompt of the night “Write about something you do know or something you don’t.” In tonight’s feature you can read a poem inspired by this prompt!

I would like to give a special thanks to Susie Spikol for joining us tonight and for sharing with us her knowledge and experience! I would also like to give a shout out to all of the members of the Upperclassmen Writing Club for a great night of poetry!