Poet of the Week- Corrine Dragon

This weeks poet of the week is Corrine Dragon! Corrine has been a part of the Writing Club at Avenue A for three years. A fun fact about Corrine is that not only is she a great writer and an amazing musician—she is also a talented artist! Corrine’s specialty is ceramics, and she wants to pursue a career in teaching art! Today’s poem by Corrine is featured in our new anthology “What I Meant to Say” and has been read at many public meetings including a celebration in honor of Martin Luther King jr. The piece is called “Untitled Movement One” .

Untitled: Movement One
By Corrine Dragon

They were coming from the lands of no father
Back of the yard
              where the weeds almost paint the sky
Stereotypical hoodlums
              always-fits-the-description teenagers
With round faces and hope clutched in their fists
              as they walked down the street
Hoping that the cuts on their knuckles had time to heal
              before their rights are dripping out of their bodies once again
Instead of learning how to read and write
              they're taught to recite the Miranda rights and never look suspicious
Always travel in two or more
              and never go out at night
Their dreams, sweat tossed with screams
             are filled with the Pleadings of tomorrow

Please come back every day this week to hear more from Corrine Dragon, and come back next week to hear from another talented young writer!

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