Poet of the Week- Corrine Dragon

This week’s featured poet is Corrine Dragon! Corrine is 19 years old and a ConVal alumni. An interesting fact about Corrine is that not only is she an amazing writer, but she’s also a talented musician! She was in Band at ConVal for all four years and was a part of the Percussion, Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute, Trombone, and French Horn sections!

Today’s poem by Corrine is titled “Definition of Happiness”.

Definition of Happiness
By Corrine Dragon

Moonbeams branded our skin with light as we tiptoed beneath the stars
I was afraid to wake the sun 
Unwanted eyes burning holes into something so delicate
But you wanted her to wake
You wanted to show her all the brilliant things that happened while she was away
To share what made you happy 
You dragged me through the tall grass 
Shouting beautiful nonsense to the audience above us 
And as I watched you parade around I found myself smiling 
Smiling because you lived so freely 
Smiling because you didn't care who knew our secret 
You wanted the world to know you were happy 
And I found myself wanting that too 

Please come back everyday this week to hear more poems from Corrine! And come back next week to meet another talented Avenue A Writer!

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